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Motorola Symbol P470 barcode scanners from POSMarket.com.au

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POSMarket.com.au supplies Motorola Symbol P470 general purpose barcode scanners that enable efficient and productive scan-intensive operations with greater mobility and comfort.

Intended for use in fast-paced businesses and industries, P470 barcode scanners have been ergonomically designed to maximise user comfort and reduce fatigue.

The model's 17-key alphanumeric keypad allows users to input up to 20 characters while performing scanning operations, eliminating long wait times for host unit manual intervention.

These barcode scanners also offer keyless operations to allow for further operational convenience.

Operating at the 2.4GHz frequency range, the units have a scanner distance of up to 30 feet from the scanning base station, reducing user travel.

BluetoothT enabled signal continuity allows assured data capture, protecting against duplicate action and effort while increasing productivity.

The cordless design of these barcode scanners eliminates problems associated with restricted or limited movement, and a choice of 82 channels enhances data security and reduces the risk of accidental or redirected information transfer.

Inventory control software pre-loaded with the P470 enables near instant use without the need for additional software, and 123Scan support enables smooth integration with currently licensed programs.

This decreases coast associated with purchasing additional software licenses.

Flash memory storage within P470 barcode scanners allows operators to upgrade the equipment without delaying operations.

The model also presents a convenient ability for users to construct customized scanning applications via the optional MCL-Designer package, which enables data management protocols customized for specialized applications unique to each retail, commercial or hospital environment.

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