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Motorola PTT Devices Offer Businesses More Choices

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Motorola's new two-way, Push-To-Talk or PTT devices extend on-site voice communications across business locations.

Fully Mobile Communications

Motorola's new line of communications tools, the CLP two-way radios and the TEAM badges PTT products allow real-time voice communications between departments or directly to and from a central office.

Instead of using valuable time searching through a large building or interrupting business operations to use an overhead paging system, businesses can communicate directly with the individual or department needed. Quick, clear communications result in improved efficiency and work production.

Lightweight with multiple options for comfort of wear, the CLP 2-way radio line offers one-channel or four-channel communications options.

One-Channel Option

The sleek, compact CLP 1010 on-site two-way business radio offers hospitality, restaurant and retail industries the choice among 99 UHF business-exclusive frequencies on which to operate to bring the clearest transmission and receipt of voice communications possible.

Businesses can opt for the quietest channel or the strongest channel that allows prompt voice interaction to suit their needs. The rechargeable lithium ion battery in these PTT devices allows up to 18 hours of use before recharge, granting businesses worry-free operations during the busiest of times.

Four-Channel Option

Granting even more flexibility is the CLP 1040, Motorola's four-channel two-way radio. The additional channels presented in these PTT devices clear the way for businesses to have even greater flexibility in their on-site communications, allowing channel-specific grouping assignment.

Team Badges

The EBW100 team badge, sleek and compact for streamlined portability and operation brings task management to mobile workers to a new level.

The Team Express voice client allows instant interactivity with other Team Express devices, opening even vaster horizons for the workplace and enabling communication with up to 32 talk groups via WLAN infrastructures already in place, potentially saving businesses thousands of dollars.

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