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Motorola P360 Upscales Durability and Productivity for Businesses

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Motorola's Symbol P360 rugged bar code scanners achieve higher standards in durability, efficiency and productivity goals for discerning businesses and industries.


Motorola includes ‘rugged’ in the P360's title for a reason. 

The bar code scanner possesses a wide operating temperature range of -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 50 degrees Celsius) and a storage temperature range of -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 70 degrees Celsius), one of the largest ranges in the industry, giving businesses and industries tremendous leeway in operating conditions.

Additionally, the P360 bar code scanner utilises IP54-rated seals to protect against dust, temperature or moisture, optimising productivity to elevated levels.

The P360 barcode device has survived multiple six-foot drop tests throughout the temperature ranges, making it the ideal bar code scanner for businesses and industries that need a scanner tougher than the work conditions.

Ergonomic Efficiency

Lightweight and ergonomic, the corded P360 rugged bar code scanner rests comfortably in the hand and can perform 1D, single-line scanning without pause.

The 2-line, 20-character display allows real time viewing of scanned data, ensuring proper throughput, saving duplicate effort and maximising the business’ man-hour cost outlay.

The P630 offers Flash memory that allows immediate on-the-spot updates and 4 MB or 8 MB memory to prevent the risk of data dumps that could lose hours' worth of work.

Duplication of effort and its accompanying cost and delay are virtually eliminated.

Additionally, P360 handheld barcode scanners sport pre-loaded inventory application software voiding any special training time and jumping right from inventory registration to working mode in seconds.

The contoured handle fits easily in the hand while the forward-scanning design reduces worker fatigue and enables quick, efficient, one-line, 1D symbology scanning operation.


The Symbol P360 rugged bar code scanner survives the challenge of extreme working environments and enhances efficiency and productivity for demanding businesses and industries.

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