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Motorola Expands Data Capture Product Line with Two New Imagers

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Motorola, Inc's Enterprise Mobility Solutions division introduces two new imagers featuring a new data capture design intended to remove errors and consolidate efforts across a variety of industries.  

Motorola’s new DS6878 cordless imager series and DS6707-HC imagers specialised for healthcare settings are set to help companies and organisations improve the quality of work and care.

The new cordless imagers in the DS6878 line-up are designed to raise the standard of productivity and transaction speed.  

Built on top of Motorola's SE4500 scanning engine that excels in rapid data acquisition, the DS6878 series imagers also include Bluetooth technology for cordless use and mobility.  

The Bluetooth capability in the DS6878 and DS6707-HC series allows their use in a variety of settings ranging from check-in counters and returns desks to entrance gates.

The DS6878 series imagers are available in two models: DS6878-SR and DS6878-DL.

Key features of DS6878-SR: 

  • General purpose cordless image capturing device
  • Easily scans and reads barcodes and labels
  • Can also be coupled with a presentation cradle to accept and record images, documents and signatures
  • Optimised for electronic record-keeping, event ticket management, airline ticket verification and couponing programs

Key features of DS6878-DL: 

  • Capable of processing United States drivers’ licenses
  • Age verification and credit research can be handled with drivers’ license processing capabilities
  • Supports optical character recognition and magnetic ink recognition for scanning text or checks
  • Poor quality and damaged barcodes can be read using a complex motion tolerance and omni-directional scanner

Key features of DS6707-HC imagers: 

  • Designed for enhanced patient care
  • Rugged device combines the capabilities of a barcode scanner, document processor and camera in a single unit
  • Can be cleaned using disinfectant without damaging the casing or internal components
  • Designed to handle all the rigors of a medical environment

Motorola’s imagers are available from POSMarket.com.au , a specialist provider of POS solutions including point of sale equipment and software.


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