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Motion's Tablet PCs offered with Windows 7

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Motion Computing’s range of rugged tablet PCs is available with Windows 7 Professional.  

Motion's C5, F5, LE1700 and J3400 models of tablet PCs are fully upgradeable to Windows 7 to offer users increased functionality at worksites and away.  

Having the Windows 7 operating system on mobile PCs is highly advantageous for the user with the advanced power management options that optimise performance and battery life.

Organisations using Windows XP as operating system on their tablet PCs can upgrade to Windows 7 with most existing programs currently utilised in XP fully compatible with the new OS. The compatibility will substantially reduce the cost of upgrades as well the amount of time required for users to become familiar with the new system.  

In addition to enhanced performance and battery life, Windows 7 improves handwriting recognition software with support for 12 languages, fully customisable dictionaries, a virtual keyboard with enhanced text prediction as well as the ability to recognise and support mathematical expressions.

Key advantages of Motion tablet PCs with Windows 7: 

  • Mobile users can work offline and automatically synchronise network files
  • Users can access desktop and network files remotely, substantially increasing mobility
  • Mobile computing enables users to maximise productivity on the move, away from traditional computing environments
  • Enhanced functionality with Windows 7 extends productivity benefits by taking technology to the point of care or point of service
  • Improved performance and battery life
  • Improved handwriting recognition software

Motion Computing tablet PCs are available from POSMarket.com.au , a leading Australian supplier of POS solutions such as point of sale equipment and software.

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