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Motion's Tablet PC OS Upgrade Magnifies Efficiency

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Motion Computing has announced an upgrade to their Windows 7 Professional edition operating system (OS), enhancing the versatility, efficiency and reliability of their entire line of tablet PCs.

The upgraded Windows 7 Professional edition OS streamlines and enhances performance in Motion Computing’s J3400, C5, F5 and LE1700 tablet PCs.

Efficiency in Motion: Motion J3400 tablet PC

The Motion J3400 tablet PC maintains its lightweight status at 3.6 pounds and durability with rubberised exterior coating while adding increased versatility and adaptability.  

Windows 7 Professional edition OS offers advantages such as simplified navigation, greater pen computing procedures and enhanced handwriting recognition among others.  

Moreover, the Motion J3400 easily reverts to XP mode to run older programs, saving businesses conversion costs involved in new program and license purchases.

Durability in Action: Mobile F5 tablet PC

The rugged Mobile F5 tablet PC features Gorilla glass for outstanding screen durability and also comes with the upgraded operating system.  

Fully integrated offline folder options and the integrated barcode scanner let businesses stay organised and up-to-date during even the busiest times of the workday.  

Features such as WiFi, Bluetooth and optional broadband keep the Mobile F5 tablet PC connected while on the go, easing the user’s communications concerns.

Healthcare Keeps Pace: C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant

The OS upgrade brings full advantages of Windows 7 Professional such as healthcare mobility and functionality to the C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant.  

The C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant's ultra-convenient chart entry capability, pen scripting and handwriting recognition enhancements along with multiple language functionality increase efficiency, be it at a patient's bedside or in a department meeting.  

The C5 tablet PC offers full compatibility with XP documents and programs while enabling continued healthcare documentation compliance. 

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