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Microsoft offers New Touch Screen Tables for Australian Retailers

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Microsoft Australia introduces a new range of touch screen devices designed specifically for the retail industry.

The new tablet computer called the Microsoft Surface offers better assistance to retailers in customer interaction with various enhanced digital data and content services.

Microsoft Surface touch screen tables were first launched for use in Lonely Planet stores allowing users to upload various Lonely Planet Guides directly to their customer account card by using the device.

The touch screen tables allowed users to select specific pages and information from the guides for uploading into their accounts to enable them to access the information later on a PC.

Key features of Microsoft Surface touch screen tables: 

  • 76cm touch screen computer table designed for multiple users handling up to 50 touch points simultaneously
  • Models available for businesses/ developers and consumers
  • Microsoft Surface computing enables an entirely new way for customers to interact and obtain information through improved collaboration
  • Unlimited opportunities for retailers to engage and better communicate with consumers

According to Danny Beck, the senior enterprise marketing manager, Microsoft is currently discussing the installation of the touch screen devices with various retailers.

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