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ID card printer software buyer advice from POSMarket.com.au

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For businesses who have ID cards printed for all employees, PROMarket.com.au recommend ownership of card printer software, instead of outsourcing the task to a third party, as a cost-effective solution. 

When purchasing card printer software the quality of the picture is an important factor to consider. The more that is paid for the software; the better the picture quality. However, there are many card printer software systems out there that are affordable yet give more than reasonable picture quality. Therefore it is important to do thorough research for card printing software before making a purchase.

If the company already has an ID card printer then it makes sense to invest in card printer software, but make sure that the software is compatible with the printer. ID cards are typically printed on ID card printers, so if this type of device is not available then it may be wise to look at the cost of investing on a card printer as well as the software and compare it with the cost of outsourcing to a third party.

ID card printers use a special magnetic mechanism which encodes all types of ID cards with a security feature, which enables the holder to gain access to the company areas that has been granted.

One of the best card printer software systems is CardFive. It is versatile and simple to setup and use. It has a multi-functional ID card management program which enables various functions including database design, magnetic strip encoding, visual effects creation, smart card processing, and even hologram or scratch ribbon creation.

CardFive is fully integrated card printer software that enables easy management and design of card printing jobs. It features an easy database, which allows simple data entry and print software, a power imaging feature, which enables the printing of images off digital cameras or even real time imaging through videos for Windows.

CardFive card printer software is compatible with almost all major card printers through drivers or Direct Command Language (DCL).

There are many other card printing software systems such as EPI suite, ID works intro software and Asure ID Express software.

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