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How to stay productive when working from home

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article image One should plan schedules around their most productive periods

Having a home-based business that makes use of the Internet offers the flexibility to tailor work schedules to suit the person’s temperament and lifestyle.

However, this can also be a disadvantage because home-based work environments are constantly at risk of distractions, making it very easy to lose focus and disrupt a planned working day. Strictly adhering to an ideal schedule can get stressful especially in the face of unplanned disruptions. It is, therefore, important to allocate extra time to perform critical tasks. This built-in time cushion will work wonders for reducing stress and anxiety levels; in fact, many productivity experts advise clients that slowing down will actually permit them to accomplish more.

One should also plan schedules around their most productive periods. For instance, those who work well at night should ideally delay the start of an important job function until later in the day, after doing some less significant tasks as a warm-up. People with an early bird temperament should plan around daytime work schedules to maximise productivity.

Home-based businesses working with clients in distant time zones may find it challenging to create an ideal scheduling scenario, but a willingness to evaluate routine tasks and build in some flex time that can be utilised to deal with unexpected events is a bona fide way to increase productivity and ensure smooth deliveries.

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