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High-Tech Handheld Computers for Drivers to Release in 2011

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Honeywell and UPS are teaming up to supply a new range of handheld computers designed especially for motorists using UPS technology.

The new handhelds will improve communications links and include extra market-leading features. Expected requirement for the Honeywell mobile UPS computers worldwide is over 100,000 units.

Honeywell mobile computers incorporate pioneering cellular technology with unique on-the-fly switching between cellular carriers. In other words, these handheld computers have the ability to move automatically to a different cellular carrier in the event that the chosen carrier's signal is lost or unavailable in transit.

Coupled with Honeywell's refined 2D imaging capabilities, this innovative industry-leading technology will guarantee excellent reliability and superior package tracking.

Key features of Honeywell’s DIAD V (Delivery Information Acquisition Device V) handheld computers:  

  • Compact design at around half the size and weight of its predecessor model (DIAD IV)
  • High-tech colour display and microprocessor including significantly expanded memory to support driver training as well as future applications such as navigation
  • DIAD V makes use of display maps to assist with traffic jam avoidance
  • Proof-of-delivery colour, auto-focus and flash camera that will assist with resolving customer claims more efficiently and quickly
  • Speedy WiFi support (600 mbps) enables larger and superior content downloads simultaneously to more than 90,000 drivers
  • 2D imager capable of decoding many symbologies such as on-hand UPS linear barcodes as well as UPS Maxicode
  • Enables faster upload of package information from initial pick-up
  • 2D imager makes capturing a recipient's signature easy

Field testing of Honeywell’s new range of handheld computers is underway with global deployment expected in 2011.

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