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Getting a Point of Sale System for Your Bike Shop

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POSMarket.com.au  is a Point of Sale (POS) solutions specialist offering a range of POS equipment and software for commercial applications. The company offers an insight into POS systems for bike stores.

When looking into getting a Point of Sale system for a bike shop, one must take several factors into consideration.

The important thing is the need to keep the cost down while boosting effectiveness and productivity.

Some of the things the store owner needs to think about will include but not be limited to cost, methods of payment and effectiveness.

Many people rush into this process without considering the fact that this is a major purchase and an important decision. This ultimately could be the factor determining if the store keeps its doors open or not.

The most important thing to most people is the cost of the set-up and the system itself.

If one were to go with a traditional POS system, one could expect to pay anywhere from $800-$3500 for the licence. An alternative route taken by some, also known as ‘software-as-a-service’ will typically cost between $50 and $300 a month.

Another thing one must remember is the hardware to run the software purchased such as scanners, label printers and credit card readers. This will cost anywhere from $800 to $2000.

An important thing to determine is what types of payments one may wish to accept; since this is a bike shop, accepting credit cards would be a primary choice.

This would entail opening a merchant account, setting up the gateway and integrating the gateway with the POS system.

Most people would recommend picking the software first and then the merchant. It is easier to match the two if one knew the specific software to be run upfront. The software vendor can always be contacted for clarifications.

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