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Fixing problems in POS systems

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POS solutions, especially touch screen POS systems have increased the speed and efficiency of completing a sale in retail environments.

But POS systems, however expensive or advanced they may be, are also subject to problems and potential errors.

POS systems may occasionally not work or print for various reasons. Reliable tech support can help resolve most problems associated with non-functional systems.

When the POS system does not work

A non-functioning system is one of the most common problems in POS equipment including touch screen POS systems or simple regular systems. This may happen when the ribbon in the ink cartridge runs out. Replacing it is the most sensible thing to do but when it still doesn’t work after the replacement, it is important to check the compatibility of the ribbon cartridge with the POS system.

When the POS system won't print

A common problem occurring in both touch screen POS as well as regular POS systems, the inability to print can be traced to cables not connected properly or malfunctioning cables. POS machines come with three colour coded cables that simply need to be matched to the appropriate colour on the back panel of the equipment. Loose connections can cause problems in printing; hence it is important to check all connections before calling tech support.

Other POS problems

In addition to the inability to print or work, POS systems are subject to various problems. Therefore, it is important to buy a POS system from a reliable store that would offer good customer service and back-up tech support for any problem that may arise from the daily use of the equipment.

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