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Different elements of point of sale systems

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Point of sale systems are an essential component of large or small businesses once they reach a specific sales threshold.

POS systems require both the hardware as well as the software to be compatible with one another for optimum functionality.

Key elements of POS solutions include servers, scanners, pin pads and magnetic stripe readers.


Servers are the core of point of sale systems and run all the software in which the system functions. Most server based options available today are versatile enough to function as POS workstations as well as the core server for the system.

It is important to have safeguards in place while setting up the server to ensure regular back-ups for quick and easy system recovery in the event of any unexpected incident.


Scanners are vital aspects of functional point of sale systems and are designed to input inventory information via the barcodes on various products, reducing the need for manual input. Scanners come in many different formats and include embedded scanners, handheld scanners as well as long-range scanners.

Pin Pads and Stripe Readers

Debit cards and credit cards are increasingly replacing cash transactions, necessitating the use of pin pads and magnetic stripe readers in businesses looking to compete in the future. Magnetic stripe readers can function as a standalone device or be incorporated directly into the POS system. 

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