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Datalogic's Gryphon Desk D432 2D bar code readers optimise flexibility

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Datalogic presents the Gryphon Desk Series of general purpose bar code readers designed for high efficiency and accuracy in business and industrial environments.  

Available in three models, the D432 series of 2D bar code readers offers enhanced optics and tremendous range of scanning motion parameters to allow optimal data capture, reducing repositioning of the scanned label and improving operation effectiveness.

The D432 barcode readers are capable of reading multiple symbologies for smooth, uninterrupted operations and eliminate the need to change software programs. The maximised efficiency of these handheld scanners improves throughput, accuracy, man-hours and cost-savings.  

The Gryphon D432 Imager general purpose bar code scanners pack production flexibility, operational adaptability and maximised convenience into an ergonomically designed form factor for businesses and light industries that require high performance on the job.  

Key features of D432 series of 2D bar code readers: 

  • Handheld scanners can capture 1D and 2D images as well as postal codes, stacked and composite codes such as PDF417 and GS1 DataBar symbologies
  • Paired with the patented Green Spot image capture verification system, prevents partial-label capture and eliminates second-pass halts to workflow
  • Corded scanners enable audible verification via a volume-controlled beep when eyes-on isn't always possible
  • Single trigger pull frames the bar code label, confirms the capture as well as transmits and records the data
  • Gryphon D432 Plus, D432-E, and the D432 Plus ESD Protection models offer multiple interface scenarios for maximum flexibility
  • Allows seamless integration with most systems from USB, RS-232, keyboard wedge and wand to IBM 46XX compatibility options
  • Datalogic's D432 Plus enables full document scanning
  • D432E targets high-resolution images for full adaptability and convenience
  • D432 2D Plus model in an ESD Protection version enables even more sensitive operations for environments requiring electromagnetic shielding

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