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Datalogic offers the Joya Pod Mystery Shopping Experience

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Mystery shopping is a new profession with candidates representing the typical consumer who buys goods and services.

Modern day mystery shoppers generally represent media consumers and are selected based on criteria such as age, lifestyle, income and other factors.

Who Uses Mystery Shoppers?

Mystery shopping services are used mostly by shopping centres, larger retail chains and various service companies to understand the strengths and weaknesses of their respective businesses.

It is therefore important that the information gathered, recorded and interpreted is reliable to ensure accurate outcomes.

Introducing the Innovative Datalogic Joya Pod

Datalogic Mobile EBS offers a device that enables immediate transfer of mystery shopping information to retailers.

Information such as loyalty card data, value and number of purchase transactions as well as pertinent information regarding the preference of promotional or non-promotional items has in the past been impossible to include in mystery shopping reports.

Datalogic's new Joya pod devices are designed to improve the outcomes of mystery shopping services through various features.

Key features:  

  1. Enables interactive and intelligent shopping as it allows the customer to compare available choices or brands, be informed of upcoming promotions as well as continually update the purchase value right up to the check-out point
  2. The new shopping instrument enables a fun, fast and enjoyable shopping experience
  3. Triple functionality allows the device to be used as a suitable survey instrument by detective customers or mystery shoppers without the knowledge of staff
  4. Offers various applications that can supply useful information about different services on offer  
  5. Extra features to improve the registration of information necessary for the survey can be added optionally
  6. Allows retailers to understand customer preferences and shopping behaviour directly in a user-friendly way

Datalogic’s innovative Joya is a purchase instrument that will transform consumers into devoted customers of the store, a fact demonstrated via trials with the comparison of data of stores equipped with the pod and those that were not.

Retailers that trialled the pods showed remarkable sales improvement of 10-15% with some areas displaying sales increase as high as 30% in addition to tripling customer retention rate.  

Datalogic offers a wide range of high quality POS products and industry solutions including barcode scanners, mobile PCs, scales, software and accessories designed to ensure a better retail as well as business experience for customers and users respectively.

The Datalogic equipment range is available on POSMarket.com.au , a specialist seller of comprehensive POS solutions.

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