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Datalogic Improves POS Scanning at the Industrial Level with PM8500 Readers

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Datalogic Scanning, a market leader in POS technology introduces the PM8500, a new reader in the 8000 series designed for the industrial sector.

PowerScan PM8500 imagers are suitable for POS scanning in warehouse environments and can stand up to tough conditions such as extreme temperatures, high levels of humidity, high pressure in the atmosphere and even radiation or shock.

PowerScan PM8500 imagers incorporate a few features already available on other Datalogic scanners such as Green Spot Technology and Double Good Read LED. Along with a loud beep, these features show the user whether a scan is successful.

The features will inform users whether a scan worked regardless of the level of noise and activity in the warehouse.

The mega-pixel sensor feature also guarantees accurate reading, allowing the scanner to pick up 1D and 2D images.

Key features of PowerScan PM8500 imagers: 

  • Cordless and free of WiFi interference
  • Cordless readers are ideal for warehouse environments as they help prevent injury caused by tripping on wires
  • Eliminates WiFi interference caused by non-802.11 (wireless LAN) devices such as a microwave or cordless phone as well as co-channel or adjacent channel interference caused by 802.11 networks interfering with each other

WiFi interference can otherwise cause significant problems in warehouse environments where scanners based on wireless technology are used for POS scanning. 

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