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POSMarket.com.au  is an Australian company that supplies a wide range of Point of Sale (POS) equipment. This article explains the advantages of creating one’s own barcodes.

One dimensional barcodes are the most common type of barcode. UPC codes are an example of a 1D barcode. These are the barcodes that you encounter most commonly and are instantly recognisable by the vertical lines.

Two dimensional barcodes are becoming increasingly more common. If one intends to create a 2D barcode, QR formatting is recommended. This is a more widely supported format, especially on mobile phones.

Many of the latest smartphones can run applications, which allow them to scan 2D barcodes and provide relevant information on the product.

Barcode scanning can be fun, provided the right app has been selected for the specific mobile phone.

To scan two dimensional barcodes with a mobile phone, simply open up the scanning application on the phone and point the camera at the barcode until the camera begins to focus automatically on the barcode.

The relevant information should pop up almost instantaneously if it is available. This feature is quite a noteworthy innovation and is becoming an ever increasingly popular trend.

The ability to create one’s own barcodes is invaluable for many businesses, and the number of options provided is vast.

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