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Battle between CCD and laser scanners

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Barcode scanners are used extensively in businesses across the world to organise goods and inventories for better operational efficiency.

An efficient barcode scanner can help any business achieve high levels of efficiency in their business processes.

Barcode scanners are available in two types: laser scanners and CCD barcode scanners.

Laser scanners use a laser beam to read bar codes and are a popular choice of non-contact application as they offer an excellent ability to read barcodes from a distance.

CCD barcode scanners use charge coupled device technology. Also called linear imager scanners because of their light sensors, CCD barcode scanners last longer than laser scanners due to the absence of movable parts that makes them less susceptible to breaking and damage.

CCD scanners additionally are available at a lower cost while offering higher and better scanning rate, making them a superior and practical choice.

On the other hand, laser scanners offer the ability to scan at a wider distance and this long range scanning capability is missing in the CCD scanners, which can only read barcodes a few inches away.

Laser scanners are also more user-friendly than CCD scanners and are easy to handle.

Selecting a barcode scanner therefore, is based on application need and personal preferences. One can either choose CCD barcode scanners for economy and life span or go for the long range laser scanners that are also easy to operate. 

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