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Bar Code Labels: Print Your Own or Buy Pre-Printed?

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This article refers to the purchase of commercial barcodes. Barcodes can be printed 'in-house' by a business for their own internal use without having to purchase the barcodes.

When operating a business and selling items, one has a number of ways to have bar codes made. One option is to have the bar codes printed by someone; the other option is to print one’s own bar codes.

Printing one’s own bar codes requires proper software as well as a bar code printer that will be used to print the labels.

Pre-Printed Bar Code Labels

If a large number of labels are required, one could place the order with a bar code supplier for pre-printed labels. Too many labels being printed at one time, over and over again could harm the printer and cost more in the long run.

When purchasing the bar codes, each bar code is exactly the same as the last. The bar codes are then numbered in order. This makes it easier to track files or equipment through the company.

If someone does not know how to work the printer to print labels, a small mistake can cause numerous problems down the line.

When ordering the labels from the supplier, one can choose to use an adhesive that is non-removable or order a temporary label that is designed to be removed.

There is also a way to add a hologram to the pre-printed labels to protect them from being replicated. These are just some good pointers about using a supplier to supply bar code labels.

Pointers to consider when printing own labels:

Printing one’s own labels is a good idea if customer information needs to be printed onto the label directly.

One could also consider printing one’s own labels if there is a low daily requirement of labels.

Each of the labels does not have to be exactly the same such as the method of shipment or the vendor who is supplying the product.

Another specific reason for using a bar code label is to place these labels on documents. One may also want to be flexible when controlling the label over a set amount of time.

Some companies will use these labels to place images such as a photo of someone on the front of an ID card.

Both methods of printing bar code labels have their own advantages. Depending on specific needs, one could select the option that best suits their needs.

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