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PNR Australia Spray Nozzles offers air atomising spray nozzles

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Air atomising spray nozzles from PNR Australia Spray Nozzles offered by Technical Projects contain ultrasonic and conventional atomisers. An ultrasonic atomiser nozzle offered by Technical Projects is an acoustic oscillator which is driven by air.

Ultrasonic atomiser nozzle is used for atomization of liquids by passing them through a field of sound waves. The sound waves through which the nozzle is passed is of high frequency and the droplets thus formed are fine.

The ultrasonic atomiser nozzle has unlimited turndown ratio, it does not dribble as even the finest drop is atomised, it is self cleaning as sound waves keep the tip clean, has a large orifice which does not clog and it forms a constant level of droplet size over a wide flow range.

The applications of the ultrasonic atomiser nozzle include burning of fuel oil, tar and other similar others. It is also used for evaporative conditioning or cooling of hot gases, for humidification and for dust suppression.

Conventional air atomiser spray nozzle from PNR Australia Spray Nozzles is a conventional air atomising assembly. Conventional air atomiser spray nozzles are offered in a broad variety of spray set ups and body types.

The body of the atomiser serves helps to easily connect the set-up to the feed lines for water and air.

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