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1U field upgradeable data storage unit

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THE NASAS-2040 storage appliance, available from PLC Peripherals , is the First 1U Just-in-Time (JIT), field-upgradeable storage unit with front-removable drive bays. It provides freedom of storage and drive selections with attractive margins.

Scaling from 0 to 640GB, it can go higher -- to as much as 512PB.

The NASAS-2040 appliance is a field upgradeable network attached storage appliance server (NASAS) for small and mid-sized businesses, corporate offices and educational institutions.

It provides an affordable solution offering fast, reliable and high-performance access to extra data storage and file sharing for services such as software distribution, documents, graphics files, databases and e-mail.

The NASAS-2040 is an NAS solution that can grow along with business and data needs. It enables users to quickly and easily add storage to a network (currently 640GB).

Using the four, front-loading drive trays users can add new drives as needed with little down time. True, JIT storage, by adding 1,2,3 or 4 drives of any capacity available when needed.

The stand-alone, plug-n-play NASAS-2040 appliance is built upon technology developed by Ateonix Networks for its line of network appliance servers.

The appliance integrates solid-state Flash Memory embedded with the network operating system onto one main board for reliable and worry free performance.

The entire network OS, user configuration data and all required software reside in Flash Memory instead of on the hard disk drive. This feature allows the NSASA-2040 appliance to be field upgradeable.

To simplify network integration, NASAS appliances can extract user lists from Windows NT servers and UNIX NIS servers. The Journaling File System on the NASAS-2040 appliance provides efficient formatting when new drives are added and allows quick recovery after abnormal shutdowns.

Many popular NAS appliances on the market today require between four and five hour to partition large drives. Formatting and partitioning 640GB of storage on the NASAS-2040 appliance takes only minutes.

Using top-of-the-line hard disk drives, the NASAS-2040 appliance can scale up to 640GB, and with flash software upgrades available on the Ateonix Networks website, the maximum capacity of the NASAS-2040 appliance is limited only by the size of drives available on the market.

Installation is simple! Install a hard drive and connect the NASAS-2040 appliance to the network using its built-in 10/100BaseT Ethernet port (through a hub), and then use a browser to access the NASAS-2040 appliance's built-in configuration wizard and management utility.

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