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PJM Industrial has incorporated two styles of load moving skates to complement their range.

There are 37 different steel roller skates models to choose from including between 10t - 400t capacities, backed by the company’s 40 years of design and experience.

Soft wheel transporters are offered in 20 different models, from 5t - 200t capacities.

Others products available include:

* Power team hydraulic jacking and maintenance equipment

* Boerkey Load Skates

* GKS Perfect Transportable Trolleys

* BVA hydraulic jacking equipment

* Omega Garage Jacks

* Oil filter crushes for the automotive and trucking industry

* Plarad, Hytoc and Torcup hydraulic torque wrenches and multipliers

* Low pressure ac and dc power packs

* Hydraulic and diesel winches

* High and ultra high pressure hydraulic hose.

PJM Industrial has the ability to design and construct the hydraulic system to best suit a company’s requirements.

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