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PJ Berriman & Co provides grader blade and flameproof light

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PJ Berriman & Co  offers material handling equipment including AFC stripper, pine handling trailer, QDS grader blade, QDS belt structure carry all, QDS twin belt reel carrier, QDS adjustable tow attachment and so on. Other equipment from PJ Berriman & Co include roof support panel pod, QDS recovery winch, QDS vent tube carrier and AFC pan trailer.

Grader blade from PJ Berriman & Co is designed to deliver easy and safe method of grading mine roadways. The equipment features tilt and offset functions. The grade angle of the grader blade is 30 degrees. PJ Berriman & Co also provides twin belt reel carrier for simple and safe transportation, storage and installation and retrieval of a conveyor belt.

The accessories from PJ Berriman & Co include Tee seat, fuel and water filler caps, park or emergency brake valves, filter head for fuel, filter head for coolant water, flameproof alternator, flameproof pressure switch as well as flame proof light. Tee seat is designed exclusively for mining vehicles and equipment.

Flameproof light is used either as a general light or as a signal lights in hazardous industries. These lights are used as vehicle headlights, tail lights and reversing lights. Flameproof light has an inner lens made of silicate glass which is available in colours including clear, red green and amber.

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