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Piian Systems offers mist systems and fog systems for cooling applications

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Piian  Systems manufactures a wide range of cooling products including Fan Fogger, Miracle Mist System, Flexi Fog System and Stainless Steel Fog System for use in different environments. Cooling systems from Piian Systems provide comfort and are ideal for outdoor application and recreation areas. These cooling systems are also extensively used in various industrial and manufacturing processes for reducing temperature.

Piian Fan Fogger enables cooling up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit in humid climates. These transportable cooling units from Piian Systems are ideal for patios, swimming pools, sports and special events, playgrounds, factory floors etc.

Miracle Mist System from Piian Systems is a high pressure fogging system ideal for use in patios and pools. This system is available as a self assembly kit. The kit is available in sizes with 10 and 25 nozzles along with a lightweight 1000PSI pump module and other necessary fittings.

Flexi Fog Systems from Piian Systems are used for cooling applications in hotels, restaurants, residence patios, swimming pools, factories, animal livestock cooling, machinery cooling, swimming pools, balconies and pop up tents to reduce the heat stress. The fogging system is available in self install kits ranging from 10 to 130 atomising nozzles.

Stainless Steel Fog System is a custom designed high pressure fogging system used for larger cooling applications including air cooled heat exchangers, compressed gas pumping equipment, large electrical transformers, power distribution equipment, foundry and metal cooling processes, gas turbine engine intakes, patios at hotels, restaurants and residences.

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