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Piian Systems offers fogging systems and digital environmental control units

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Piian  Systems offers an extensive range of humidification system to increase crop yields, protect valuable artworks, reduce wine evaporation etc. Fogging systems from Piian Systems are dust suppression products provided to minimise excessive dust problems. Piian System provides solutions against odour, cooling, humidity and dust through its wide range of products.

Mini Humidifier System, Flexi Fog System and Mega Fog System are used in a wide range of humidification applications. Mini Humidifier System is an ultrasonic vaporisation tube style system for humidifying small structures or storage environments including bakeries, building ventilation systems, propagation rooms etc.

Dust suppression systems from Piian Systems include Flexi Fog System and Mega Fog System. Fogging system produces molecular sized water droplets which suppress dust by wetting the dust alone. The droplets do not wet the process material.

Piian Systems also provides digital environmental control units which enable automatic operation of fogging system. Controllers can be set to operate at specific times of the day and these have an easy to use interface. The controlling systems are designed in such a way that wide range of settings is possible. The settings include wind direction activation, wind speed override, freeze protection, humidity measurement, temperature sensing, pressure monitoring and so on.

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