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Odour control systems from Piian Systems

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Piian  Systems is a developer and manufacturer of high pressure fog, fan, vapour and mist systems and all natural odour neutraliser. Piian Systems provides odour control systems like Piian Odor Neutralizer, Vaporizer System, Mini Vaporizer System, Mini Autoclave Sprayer, Flexi Fog System and Mega Fog System.

While Piian Odor Neutralizer- Commercial Concentrate is used for controlling odours in small indoor environments, Piian Odor Neutralizer- Industrial Concentrate and Piian Odor Neutralizer- HD Concentrate are used for odours associated with sewage and large volumes of garbage.

Vaporizer System from Piian Systems is designed to vaporise odour neutraliser for large scale applications including wastewater treatment facilities, solid waste disposal facilities, large public areas, large buildings, manufacturing facilities and loading dock waste storage areas. Mini Vaporizer System is used for large public restrooms, air handling systems, building ventilation systems, trash rooms etc.

Mini Autoclave Sprayer from Piian Systems is designed to spray odour neutraliser into the pressure vessel of autoclave units such as medical waste autoclave systems and industrial autoclave processes. Flexi Fog System is used in pig housing, poultry barns, cattle paddocks, farm manure, lagoons and process equipment as well as sewage tanks.

Mega Fog System from Piian Systems is used for large scale odour control applications including sewage and industrial waste water plants, landfills, garbage transfer and recycling facilities, composting facilities and petrochemical refineries.

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