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Timing pulleys and gearboxes supplied by PIES Australia

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PIES Australia  provides a range of timing pulleys which are available in various materials including aluminium, steel, stainless steel, brass, plastics etc. Unique designing of tooth gaps and pitch uniformity allows for optimum functionality.

Timing pulleys from PIES Australia are designed to suit various belts including 6, 9 and 15 millimetre wide belts. The number of teeth ranges from 10 to 72 and these can be used for different applications and for different machineries. These pulleys are anodised or coated for strength.

PIES Australia supplies a wide range of gearboxes including right angle gearboxes and reversing gearboxes. The right angle gearbox is compact and is made of a light alloy. Shafts are made of alloy and are hardened, tempered and grounded.

Gearbox from PIES Australia features high speed of rotation of about 1400 rpm. The accurate mounting and control enables low operating noise level. The checkable angular clearances between the gear teeth are available in a standard size. In addition, gearboxes for higher speeds and reduced angular clearances are also provided by PIES Australia.

PIES Australia also provides vibration isolation machine mounts, short stroke actuation, bus truck and trailer suspension. PIES Australia also offers air springs for vibration isolation and actuation for applications with extreme heat.

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