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Tension metres, tension rollers and tension plates from PIES Australia

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PIES Australia  designs, manufactures and distributes an extensive range of power transmission equipment including timing belts, rubber belts, timing pulleys, accessories, air springs, gearboxes, flat belts, gear units, load modules, air springs and clamping plates. Other products from PIES Australia include timing belt which can be locked in the machine, timing belt that hovers, tensioning metre etc. PIES Australia also provides accessories like shaft locking bushes, idler and tension pulleys, guide or slider beds and tension plates.

The tension metre from PIES Australia is designed to measure the static tension of all belts including timing belts, flat belts, V-belts and for all belt materials. The tensioning metre assures accuracy and easy use. PIES Australia supplies tensioning metre which minimises load bearing and improves the reliability of the belts. This also facilitates belts with reduced noise level and increased life.

PIES Australia also provides shaft lock devices for connecting components onto a shaft. These devices are used for pulleys, gears, sprockets, flywheels etc.

Type M tension rollers from PIES Australia are fitted with high quality grooved ball bearings and these tension rollers are available in seven standard sizes.

Tension plates are used to tension the belt at the end connections and these are available in different types. Made of aluminium, type G tension plates feature M6 tapped holes in the toothed plate and 6.5 DIA holes in the cover plate.

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