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Synchroflex Timing Belts from Pies Australia

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article image Ready de-moulded timing belt coil

Synchroflex Timing Belts, from Pies Australia consist of two components, the wear resistant contilan, a polyurethane, and a high grade steel cord tension member. Because these materials bond well, a high power transmission capacity is achieved.  

Synchroflex Timing Belts are manufactured in moulds. There are advantages to this production method:  

  • Synchroflex Timing Belts are 55 to 6000mm in length.  
  • The cast polyurethane has high image quality. It is possible to mould the fine contours of the Synchroflex Timing Belts exactly.  
  • Synchroflex Timing Belts are especially suitable for small pitches. DL meshing and profile flights on the back of the belt can be moulded at the same time.  
  • The de-moulding timing belt coil has a mould-related overall useful width of up to 300mm.  
  • The tolerance of the Synchroflex Timing Belts can be altered by changing the coiling tension.  
  • The cast polyurethane timing belt is a precise image of its shape.
  • A high pitch accuracy is reached for the whole belt. For this reason, it is particularly suitable for high rotational speeds, angular accuracy, and smooth running.     
Synchroflex Timing Belts’ preferred application fields:    
  • Compressors
  • Printing machinery
  • Textile machinery
  • EDP equipment
  • Office machinery
  • Machine tools
  • Pumps
  • Building machinery

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