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Slider beds from PIES Australia

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PIES Australia  are dedicated to providing the machining and production industries with a range of equipment and parts including slider beds typically matched to timing belt widths with the standard length being 2000 mm. These slider beds are made of UHMW polyethylene providing them with low friction and wear resistant properties while zinc-plated sheet steel constitute the C profiles.

The sliding friction value between standard polyurethane and low-pressure polyethylene is µ~0.3 and the cut-out is intended for fastening screws. The approximate formula for the linear expansion is 2mm/10ºC difference over 1000 mm of length.

Slider beds from PIES Australia include:

Slider beds without edge guide

  • Can be used with all polyurethane timing belts
  • Ideal for all conveying applications with minimal side loads

Slider beds with edge guide

  • Ideal for applications where the timing belt must be guided due to side thrusts

Slider beds for self-tracking belts

  • Slider beds with V-grooves are used in conjunction with self-tracking belts

PIES Australia provide a range of quality, reliable and robust slider beds.

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