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PIES Australia offers High Tensile Profile Connection for AT and ATN Transport Timing Belts

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ATN polyurethane timing belts from PIES Australia have quickly become an integral part of transport technology since their introduction.  

The exchangeable profile fastening system in the belt tooth speeds up mounting as well as the replacement of flights adapted to the individual transport application. If required, it is possible to convey different types of goods in one transport system using the same timing belt, yet equipped with different profiles.  

With its high tensile and disconnectable profile connection system, PIES Australia now presents an expansion of the ATN system.  

The design of the individual belt teeth for this high tensile profile connection system is such that entire inset troughs can be inserted and screw-connected to the profiles. With this method, the load of the connection is not only dissipated to individual inset parts, but to the entire tooth width via the inset trough.  

On the one hand, this broadens the use of the ATN transport timing belts to include areas that could not be covered previously because of an increased load on the profile. On the other hand, the profile connection system can also be applied with standard BRECO and BRECOFLEX transport belts featuring the AT tooth profile.  

If designed accordingly and with profiles screwed on, they almost reach the flexibility of the ATN system, offering the following advantages:

  • Variable profile pitch with a high accuracy
  • Application of various profile materials
  • No belt removal for profile changes
  • Application of standard pulleys
  • Short machine shutdown times for profile changes
  • Low spare parts and mounting costs

The high tensile, disconnectable profile connections are available for the polyurethane timing belts, BRECO ATN 10 and ATN 20 as well as for BRECO, BRECOFLEX and SYNCHROFLEX AT 10 and AT 20 in widths of 25, 32, 50, 75 and 100mm.

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