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Goodyear Falcon PD belt from Pies Australia

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Available from Pies Australia , the Goodyear rubber Falcon PD belt is a “drop in” replacement belt alterative to the Gates Poly Chain GT2 polyurethane belt. 

Designed to fit Poly Chain GT2 sprockets, the Falcon PD features high tensile strength, rubber construction for high resistance to flex fatigue, backside idler compatibility and the convenience of size-for-size drop in.

Testing has shown that the Falcon PD belt is from 1 to 4dB quieter than equivalent Poly Chain GT2 belts.  

The latest in Goodyear’s family of synchronous belts, the Falcon PD is available in 8mm (Goodyear 8GTR) and 14mm (Goodyear 14GTR). The Falcon’s tooth composite uses a patented compound, static dissipating facing, abrasion resisting facing and high-level thermal performance.  

Engineered with Aramid construction, the Falcon PD’s tensile member is constructed from a patent pending cord treatment with a proprietary adhesive system that delivers dynamic adhesion.

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