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Goodyear EP Laser Alignment Tool from PIES Australia

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PIES Australia  offers the laser alignment tool from Goodyear Engineered Products that quickly aligns drive components helping reduce costly maintenance.

The Goodyear EP laser alignment tool from PIES Australia is fast as well as convenient and attaches in a few seconds, delivering a highly visible sight line.

When the laser line lies within the target openings, the pulleys/sprockets are correctly positioned. The result is a fast and precise alignment.

Power transmission belts including timing belts, V-belts, flatbelts and even chain belts can be aligned equally well.

The smart design of the magnetic attachment surface also allows for alignment of both small and large pulleys/sprockets.

For nonmagnetic pulleys, double sided tape can be used to affix the laser alignment tool for an added range of applications.

Some of the benefits of the laser alignment tool include:

  • Detects both radial and axial misalignment
  • Easier to use than conventional methods of misalignment detection
  • Affixes to most pulley and sprocket types
  • Also suitable for nonmagnetic pulleys/sprockets
  • Single operator friendly

The laser alignment tool comes in a convenient small, padded transportation bag with a belt strap on the back.

Technical Specifications

Pulley diameters: 60mm and larger

Measurement distance: 10 metres

Battery type: 1 x AA 1.5V (2 batteries included)

Battery operation: >8 hours continuously

Laser class: 2

Output power: < Mw

Laser wavelength: 635-670 nm

Housing material: ABS plastic

Backplate: Hard anodized aluminium

Dimensions: 145mm W x 86mm H x 30mm D

Weight: 0.27kg

Targets: 3 Magnet targets (one spare target included)

Calibration: The laser line generated by the tool is calibrated parallel to the reference surface

Accuracy: Offset <0.2mm, Parallelity < 0.05°

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