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Goodyear EP Falcon HTC Timing Belts from PIES Australia

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The Falcon HTC® timing belt from Goodyear EP, now available from PIES Australia is a revolutionary new drive system that can easily and seamlessly replace old-fashioned chain drives.

Falcon HTC® timing belts can replace the problematic chain drive with a clean and quiet rubber compound belt that delivers exceptional performance under higher torque and low speed applications.

The advanced rubber compounding research has resulted in a timing belt that offers exceptional tensile strength, superior resistance to flex fatigue, less noise as well as resistance to chemical and oil breakdown.

Additionally, the system is specially designed to accommodate today’s high-efficiency motors with a power transfer rate of up to 98%.

The Falcon HTC timing belt comes with one of the best backside idler capabilities in the industry. Changing from chain to Falcon HTC can be as easy as switching out sprockets, meaning less re-engineering and downtime.

When compared to conventional polyurethane timing belts, Falcon HTC offers numerous benefits including up to 6db quieter operation and static conductivity as well as resistance to both flex fatigue and higher operating temperatures.

  • Up to 30% more power capacity* to accommodate a wider range of challenging drive requirements
  • Highly adaptable and suitable for high torque, lower speed applications
  • Up to 6dB quieter operation for a quieter work environment
  • Static conductivity for increased peace of mind
  • Backside idler capability for use in a wide range of applications
  • Superior flex fatigue resistance in demanding applications for longer life
  • Withstands higher operating temperatures and offers continuous service at 99°C
  • Up to 98% energy transfer for greater cost efficiency

             *When compared to Falcon Pd®

Goodyear EP’s proprietary Plioguard HD™ tooth-facing fabric helps increase torque and tooth loading capacity while reducing tension decay.

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