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Breco timing belts, from Pies Australia  are manufactured from high tensile steel cord tension members and wear resistant polyurethane. As such, they are reliable and dimensionally stable. In addition, they have a nylon tooth facing (PAZ optional) and are known as a low friction, high performance timing belt.  

Breco timing belts are manufactured without length limitation and are stocked in 50 and 100 meter rolls. Breco timing belts’ steel cord tension members are arranged with parallel edges.          

Open & Joined Breco timing Belts are available with:  

Nylon on the back of the belt: This contributes to a lower friction coefficient. This feature is not available in T2.5 or AT3 Timing Belts    

Nylon tooth facing: An additional nylon facing reduces noise, causes a lower friction coefficient, and lightens the tooth mesh in the pulley. Transport belts on bed plates run easier and are wear resistant. This feature is not available in T2.5 Timing Belts.

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