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AeroGo air caster from Pies Australia

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When it comes to moving a heavy load, Aero-Go air caster offers a safe, quiet, clean alternative. They are used to literally float heavy loads on a virtually frictionless film of air.  

Because of the omni-directional movement of AeroGo air casters and reduced friction, the operator can precisely place and align the load in a limited work space.  

The Air Caster load module has a very low profile and needs less than 76mm clearance. Reinforcement is usually not necessary and Aero-Go air caster will not damage floors.

The Aero-Go air caster, available from Pies Australia will operate in most environments, because it uses pneumatic components such as air regulators and hoses.

How Aerogo Air Casters work 

  1. Before inflation, the load is supported on landing pads, which are used to protect the air caster torus bag from being crushed when the load is at rest. 
  2. The torus bag inflates and creates a seal against the floor surface and raises the load when standard shop air is applied to the air caster. 
  3. Air is slowly released between the flexible torus bag and the floor, when the air pressure within the chamber reaches the required level. The load is carried by the Air Caster and can be easily moved.

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