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Tracers and cable and fault locators from PIC Australia

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PIC Australia  supplies a wide range of tracers as well as cable and fault locators. Cable and fault locators from PIC Australia are designed for multi purpose applications. The locators can locate circuit breakers up to 600 volts and find earth faults up to 6 metres. Tracing hidden cables in floors, ceilings and walls are also performed by these locators. Tracking underground cables and metal pipes with out digging is possible with these cable and fault locators supplied by PIC Australia. The locators can also pin point floor heating faults including shot and open circuits.

Buried line locators, eliminator plus, ground resistance clamp and power trace are provided by PIC Australia for irrigation purposes. Power trace reduces man hours in locating breakers, fuses, faults and wiring paths of electrical circuits. With no knobs and switches to adjust, Power tracers from PIC Australia enable easy operation. These tracers are capable of tracing open, shorted and live wiring in floors, ceilings and underground areas. Power traces are microprocessor controlled for accuracy and reliability.

PIC Australia also distributes multipurpose drill spotter which locates entry and exit points of drill through concrete, brick, wood walls, ceilings and floors. It can also perform the functions of a wall thickness gauge and has the capability to measure wall thickness up to 40 inches. Drill spotter from PIC Australia can also be used as a metal detector.

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