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Test and measurement instruments offered by PIC Australia

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Electrical installation testers distributed by PIC Australia offer stable measurement even in disturbed environments. The tester is used for verification of new works and for renovations in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. These user friendly testers enable different measurements in local and remote modes and are controlled with a PC. The testers are quickly recharged by connecting it directly to mains.

PIC Australia supplies electrical installation testers which automatically test the installation it is connected to before performing each measurement, including position of the phase, presence of voltage on earth, earth disconnected and so on. The testers performs auto ranging measurement up to 600 metres.

PIC Australia also supplies power line filter which is an advanced protection device that eliminates all power disturbances. The device also provides protection against lightning strikes, short term voltage sags, radio frequency interference and so on.

A diverse range of maintenance services is provided by PIC Australia for various instruments including UPS, power supplies, commercial and industrial electronics, DC motor and temperature controllers as well as pipe and cable locators. Other new finders and detectors from PIC Australia include carbon monoxide meter, circuit breaker finder, circuit mapper, personal safety high voltage detector, power quality recorder and thermo recorder.

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