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Cable management panels and transportable racks from PCWMICRO Australia

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PCWMICRO Australia  offers a comprehensive range of rackmount accessories. These rackmount accessories include cable management panels, blank panels, power management devices, rackmount screws, nuts, screws and transit racks. Cable management panels are used for managing complex cable wiring. CMP1000 1U 5 ring cable management panel has been specifically designed to support EIA post relay racks and made of premium 16 gauge steel. These can be used for the management of cables on racks. CMP1090 cable management guide from PCWMICRO Australia comprise of side mount ring between two racks.

RCB 1000 aluminium relay rack from PCWMICRO Australia has been specifically designed for racking 2U, 4U servers as well as data communication equipment. Transportable racks provided by PCWMICRO Australia are specialised rackmount equipment racks.

PCWMICRO Australia also offers aluminium black relay racks, vertical cable management side mounts, vertical cable management bridging mounts, wall mount racks, wall mount brackets, rack reducing adapters, filler blank panels and blank keystone panels.

PCWMICRO Australia provides different types of peripheral devices that include power supplies, media storage, industrial LCD monitors, keyboards, CPU coolers, heatsinks and cable or riser cards. Industrial LCD monitors from PCWMICRO Australia are available as integrated LCD monitors with keyboard as well as fixed mounting rackmount LCD monitors.

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