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Adhesion testers and airflow meters from PCWI International

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PCWI International  specialises in the manufacture of measuring instruments that have been specifically designed for metal construction as well as coating industries. Comprehensive range of measuring instruments manufactured by PCWI International includes adhesion testers, anemometers airflow meters, calibrations standards and clamp amp meters.

Adhesion testers from PCWI International include cross hatch cutters, coating impact testers, costing adhesion testers, cylindrical Mandrel and Buchholz Indentation adhesion testers. Cross hatch cutters has been specifically designed for testing adhesion of diverse range of coatings that include varnishes, paints as well as films. Coating impact tester manufactured by PCWI International is also referred to as drop weight tester. This adhesion tester functions by mechanically damaging different surface coatings by impact that enables to deform either the coating or substrate. Impact tester comprises of features that include one metre tube, heavy base, dropping weight and hemispherical ball indenter.

PCWI International provides various types of anemometers airflow meters. 8901 anemometers airflow meters from PCWI International display temperature. This has been specifically designed to study air movement in spray booths, wind tunnels, mine shafts and ducts. Coating Thickness Standards are calibration standards suitable for checking as well as calibrating coating thickness and paint gauge.

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