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Signal converters for industrial applications

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MKS, represented in Australia by Plant Control Automation , has released the 251 series of signal converters for industrial applications, where either one or two frequencies have to be converted into an analogue signal or a serial data format.

The FU251 and the UF251 are housed in a standard compact housing designed for DIN rail mounting, wiring termination is by screw terminal and SUB-D-connectors for the encoders.

The FU251 has an input range from 1Hz to 500kHz; analogue outputs of ±10V and from 0-20mA or 4-20mA; with polarity following the direction of rotation. It has a resolution of 14 bits, a conversion time of 1ms and an accuracy of 0.1%.

It accepts an 18V-30V dc power supply and has an auxiliary output of 5V dc for encoder supply. It is easy to set up with a simple Teach procedure, or on a PC using software provided with the converter.

The UF 251 has an input range from -10V to10V, and from 0-20mA or 4-20mA. Various user modes allow programmable V/F characteristics, a motorised potentiometer function and cyclic frequency output curves.

For applications with unstable input signals both units provide a programmable digital filter to smooth the output signal.

For more information please contact Plant Control Automation on 02 9482 3733.

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