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MKS, represented in Australia by Plant Control Automation , has released three signal converters capable of translating any angular or positional information from an encoder or a linear scale, into an analogue signal, or into serial or parallel data format.

The three converters are the IV251, the ZU251, and the IP251:

* The IV251 -- can be used with SSI-type sensors or absolute encoders and can operate in either master or slave modes. It has analogue outputs of ±10V and 0mA-20mA or 4mA-20mA, proportional to the encoder position. RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces allow readout of the actual encoder position.

* The ZU251 -- can be used with incremental encoders and proximity switches, using either a TTL/RS422 output or a HTL (10V-30V) output. It has ±10V, 0mA-20mA or 4mA-20mA analogue outputs, proportional to the encoder position. The ZU251 can be set up with either a simple TEACH procedure or with included PC software.

* The IP251 -- converts SSI data from an absolute encoder or sensor to parallel data and can also convert serial RS232 data to a parallel data format. It is capable of Master and Slave operation and has an RS232 serial link for readout of sensor data. The IP251 also has a number of features allowing scaling and linearisation of parallel output data.

All of the converters accept an 18V-30V dc power supply.

For more information please contact Plant Control Automation on 02 9482 3733, or visit www.pca-aus.com.au.

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