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Level converters for incremental encoders

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MKS, represented in Australia by PCA (Plant Control and Automation) , has released a series of level converters suitable for incremental encoders. There are four devices in the series - the PU 202; the PU 204; the IT 251; and the PU 210.

The PU 202 converts HTL (A,B and Z 10V-30V) signals into the TTL/RS422 standard, and also serves as a direction decoder for the translation of different standards of direction signals to the quadrature standard. It requires a 5V dc power supply and has a maximum frequency of 200kHz.

The PU 204 converts TTL/RS422 standard signals to HTL (A,B and Z 10V-30V), and also acts as a direction decoder for translation of quadrature input signals to other standards. It requires a 10V-30V dc power supply and has a maximum frequency of 200kHz.

Both units are available as open PC boards with a frame for DIN rail mounting.

The IT 251 is a universal level converter, a frequency divider and a direction mode translator for incremental encoder signals. It converts A, B and Z incremental encoder signals from RS422 to HTL and from HTL to RS422, and has an additional pulse divider for error-free division of quadrature encoder signals, with an adjustable ratio from 1:1 to 1:4096 and a separately adjustable divider for marker pulse.

It has a maximum input frequency of 300kHz and requires a power supply of 18V to 30V dc. The IT 251 comes in a compact housing for DIN rail mounting.

The fourth in the series, the PU 210, converts A, /A, B, /B, Z and /Z signal inputs or A, /A, B, /B, Z, /Z (push-pull) outputs to TTL/RS422 or HTL.

It also offers potential separation between input and output by a high-speed opt coupler and is suitable for converting an A/B quadrature direction signal to a static direction signal or vice-versa. The PU 210 can be connected with a SUB-D-connector or via screw terminal strips.

For more information please contact Plant Control Automation on 02 9482 3733.

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