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THE Incremental Encoder Simulator is designed to simulate the function of most types of incremental encoders. Available from PCA- Plant Control and Automation P/L , this instrument allows the engineer to fully test a control system that uses a rotary or linear shaft encoder, without the need for any mechanical movement.

The user can control the exact number of square wave signals applied to the device’s output. This allows the engineer to control the input pulses generated down to just one pulse, so the user can monitor in slow motion the operation of a control system.

Access to the instrument is through a standard nine pin D type plug, whereby the user simply connects the simulator to the terminals or plug of their control system.

The instrument’s power is taken from the control system. It will operate on any voltage from 5V to 30V100mA DC.

Control panel features include:

* LCD display panel with 2 x 16 character, 5.5mm x 3mm

* RPM: displays the speed of the output encoder - this is determined by the time taken for each "shaft" rotation

* MODE: this states the current mode of operation for the programming switches in the panel

* PPR: displays the number of pulses for one rotation of the simulated shaft encoder that has been programmed into the instrument or it displays the number of increment pulses between each zero pulse

* Count progress: this is used when in MAN mode so that the user can see the number of signals that have been transmitted to the output

* Frequency: displays the frequency of the output signals

Operator programming buttons consist of:

* Mode selection: the red LED at the top of each column shows the function, which is applied to the four programming buttons on the left side of the operator control panel. The two select buttons below this function change the selection from one mode to the next.

* PPR mode: to set up the pulses of the encoder to be simulated. The results of the following setting process are shown in the PPR display: Start - resets the PPR display to 2 and allows the new selection process to begin; Select - increments the right digit under the PPR display by 1 each time the button is pressed.

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