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Increment encoder testing instrument

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article image This tester provides a full test of application-based characteristics of an incremental encoder.
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THE PCA encoder tester from Plant Control and Automation is designed to provide a simple means for service personnel and encoder assemblers to test all types of incremental encoders.

Once the encoder is attached to the tester, all important parameters are displayed simultaneously on a large backlit LCD screen.

Data available includes:

· The count per turn of all three output channels: either true or complementary at once, max 600kHz.

· Current draw of the encoder 10 to 150mA.

· A/B phase relationship of the two output signals.

· RPM of the shaft or kilohertz of the output signal.

· The applied voltage 5, 12 or 24.

· The one revolution reference method for the test.

There are two methods of wiring termination for the encoder under test: spring loaded wiring terminals for quick cable termination or a nine pin D type plug for connecting adaptor leads to standard plugs or other input methods.

Adaptor leads for any type of encoder plug can be made to allow quick and simple testing of a wide range of products.

When testing an encoder it is essential to have one pulse per turn reference point for each rotation of the shaft.

This is normally achieved by either using the zero or marker pulse in the encoder under test, or by connecting an external signal from the mechanical rig driving the encoder.

This information is used to determine the PPR (pulses per revolution) of the encoder, however in some instances it may be impossible to obtain such a pulse.

The tester provides the user with a mode where a count value can be loaded into the tester and used to compare the count values from each encoder channel.

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10/12/2012 - We do have an incremental encoder tester available take a look at this l9ink in our web site. http://www.pca-aus.com.au/shop/category/testing-instruments

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