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Fieldbus modules and gateways for PROFIBUS and CANBUS

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article image The TX720 provides CANopen and serial RS232/485 interfaces for communication with a number of target devices.
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MKS, represented in Australia by Plant Control Automation (PCA) , has released a range of fieldbus modules and gateways suited to PROFIBUS and CANBUS.

The TX720 operator terminal can act as a bus master and provides CANopen and serial RS232/485 interfaces for communication with a number of target devices. It has a four-line backlit alphanumeric LCD display and programmable keys and measures 144mm x 144mm x 85mm. It can communicate via CAN or serial interface without any PLC or PC. Mixed and simultaneous operation is also possible, with some of the target units using CAN communication and others using serial communication. PC software allows easy editing of menu texts and structures, messages and register code assignments. All data is stored in a 1Mbyte Flash Eprom.

The CA200 is a simple, low-cost module for CAN network applications. It has eight digital I/O lines, four of which are always configured as inputs. The other four can be configured as inputs or outputs by DIL switch setting. It comes in a compact housing with a screw terminal connector for DIN rail mounting and all logical states of the I/O lines are continuously displayed by front LEDs. It can be set up for operation on the parameter channel as well as on the process data channel of the CAN bus.

The CA125 universal gateway converts parallel data to the CANopen or serial RS485 network format, transmitting digital information to up to 256 destinations. The target can be selected by means of an eight-bit address. Targets, codes and identifiers can be entered via PC with Windows operator software. The unit stores all instructions in a Flash Eprom. Four PLC-compatible digital outputs provide information about successful transmission and acceptance or indicate an error code. A closed 19-inch steel cassette allows rack mounting or mounting on DIN rails.

The CA251 CANBUS to serial gateway and PB251 PROFIBUS to serial gateway offer communication in both directions. They are suitable for networking mixed systems, where part of the components use CAN or PROFIBUS network and other components possess serial links only. They have compact housings for easy mounting on DIN rails and DIL switches for setting communication profiles.

All the modules accept 18V to 30V DC power supplies. For more information please contact Plant Control Automation on 02 9482 3733.

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