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Absolute rotary encoders with UDP support

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article image Available as single-turn and multi-turn models.
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FRABA Posital's absolute rotary encoders, with an Ethernet TCP/IP interface (10 or 100 Mbit/s), now provide another protocol stack. In addition to TCP, IP, HTTP and SMTP, they also support the user datagram protocol (UDP).

Due to its simpler structure, UDP enables a higher transmission rate for position values within the network. The encoders belong to the Optocode series and are available as single-turn and multi-turn models with total resolutions between 12 and 30 bit at resolutions of 12 to 16 bit per revolution. Their rugged, compact housing is 58mm in diameter. The output data includes a velocity value and a time stamp marking the reading time of the position value.

The encoders, available from Plant Control and Automation , are connected to a PC or a network via robust M12 plugs. All parameter data can be sent to an adjustable email address via SMTP. An integrated web server provides HTML pages with embedded Java applets, allowing the encoder to be configured, read out and tested by any standard browser in a company network or via the internet. The device status and a short documentation in HTML format can also be retrieved this way. Its easy-to-use and standardised communication interfaces make the Ethernet encoder a suitable solution whenever it is connected to a PC or network.

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