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Absolute encoders with Profibus interface

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In 1994, Fraba Posital introduced the first absolute rotary encoders featuring a Profibus DP interface and has been continuously enhancing the devices since then.

Features of the encoders:

  • The Optocode Profibus encoders support all common transmission rates up to 12 MBaud. Furthermore, all Optocode Profibus encoders feature the expanded DPV2 functionality (isochronous mode and slave-to-slave communication), thereby enabling the precise and synchronous measuring of actual values.
  • A connection cap unit, optionally available with screwed cable glands or integrated M12 plugs, facilitates assembly and network address setup. BCD rotary switches set the device address; moreover, the connection unit is equipped with a switchable terminating resistor.
  • Two LEDs on the unit's rear side indicate operating mode and error status. The UL-approved encoders are accredited by Profibus Nutzerorganisation e.V., a member of Profibus International.
  • Like all Optocode encoders, the Profibus models use a tried and tested op-toelectronic scanning method to record position values. This method is based on the concurrent analysis of a Gray code pattern and two incremental tracks.
  • As a single-turn model, the rotary encoders' highly integrated Opto-ASIC pro-vides a resolution of 65,536 steps per revolution (16 bit). Additionally, the multi-turn model registers a maximum of 16,384 revolutions (14 bit). Backup batteries are unnecessary.
  • All Profibus models come in blind-hollow or solid shaft versions and are IP 65 protected, i.e. fit for use in rugged industrial environments. Stainless steel versions and encoders for hazardous environments are optionally available as well.
In addition to their functions as a class 2 encoder, the latest Optocode series features a range of assistance functions designed to support higher-level control systems, including amongst others a velocity output, software limit switches, and a teach-in option which allows users to determine the gear ratio directly on site.

These Optocode Profibus encoders are now available from PCA - Plant Control and Automation .

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