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Speakers, graphic cards and flash drives from PC Online

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PC Online  provides speakers, webcams, power supply units, optical drives, modems, hard drives, graphic cards and flash drives. PC Online also offers IT solutions to corporate and small to medium business clients. PC Online provides computer products and services in a friendly and professional environment. PC Online also offers a number of networking solutions for offices and homes.

PC Online provides a wide range of Kingston 1GB USB drives and 4GB USB drives. PC Online is also a distributor of Transcend 2GB USB drives for data transfer and storage purposes. The Transcend 2GB USB drive is easy to swap and it helps in storing data with a flash drive. The Giga byte 9800 GTX graphic card from PC Online is powered with the help of the GeForce 9800 GTX GPU and is integrated with a 512MB memory.

PC Online also offers a wide range of speakers. The Logitech V20 notebook speakers from PC Online are light weight and portable in design. These speakers come with maximum X high excursion drivers and pressure drivers. Storage devices from PC Online include the Seagate portable hard drive, Seagate external hard drive and western digital portable hard drive. The western digital portable hard drive is sleek, colourful, USB-powered and compatible with a range of operating systems.

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