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Minecom's Leaky Feeder provides reliable mine communication

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Minecom ’s Leaky Feeder System provides a reliable, underground communications system that has the ability to easily expand to meet requirements.

The Minecom Leaky Feeder provides a credible communication system for mine communication, where underground radio communication is impractical.

Applications of the mine communications system include:

  • linking of underground workings with surface operations
  • increased mine safety
  • improved site productivity
  • easy communication between individuals or groups
  • linking to other radio reporting systems, and
  • data transportation.
The Leaky Feeder is a strong and flexible coaxial cable that forms a long antenna, installed throughout the mine that provides complete radio communications coverage, through the ‘leaking’ of radio signals.

Amplifiers are also installed along the length of the Leaky Feeder cable, boosting the signal and helping to compensate for cable loss.

The Leaky Feeder System has the ability to scale and grow with the changing environment of any mine or tunnel, with branch units that can be used to send communication cables down many pathways.

Every mine communication system is tailored to specific site requirements; ensuring the best radio coverage.

Features of the Leaky Feeder mine communication system include:

  • VHF and UHF frequencies
  • compatible with voice and data communications
  • compatible with FM based digital and analogue radios
  • local diagnostics
  • robust, chemical and water resistant housing with a minimum IP55/NEMA4X rating
  • 24 to 96 hour battery backup
  • automatic gain control
  • clamp and saddle connections
Contact Minecom to find out about installing a customised Leaky Feeder communication system.

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